Retribution Paladin Artifact and Relic Guide for Patch 7.2.5

In this guide we’re going to cover the best path to build your Ashbringer’s artifact traits, and detailed rankings of Retribution’s artifact relics. We’re also going to show how we came to these conclusions using Simulationcraft. This guide has been updated for Patch 7.2.5.

Artifact Traits

The following artifact progression path will provide the best DPS increase as you fill out your Ashbringer.

Ashbringer Artifact Progression

You’ll end up purchasing traits in this order:

  1. Wake of Ashes
  2. Blade of Light
  3. Deliver the Justice
  4. Sharpened Edge
  5. Wrath of the Ashbringer
  6. Highlord’s Judgment
  7. Endless Resolve
  8. Might of the Templar
  9. Ashes to Ashes
  10. Deflection
  11. Echo of the Highlord
  12. Embrace the Light
  13. Divine Tempest
  14. Righteous Blade
  15. Unbreakable Will, Protector of the Ashen Blade, and Healing Storm (in any order)
  16. Ashbringer’s Light

Artifact Trait Simulations

Retribution ends up taking a weird artifact progression path. Most other classes go straight for their best gold dragon trait, but we meander through 17 other traits before picking up Ashes to Ashes. Why is that?

First, let’s look at the shortest direct paths to each gold trait, and compare them to our long path:

Artifact Progression Paths to Gold Dragon Traits

The 17 points we spend on the way to Ashes to Ashes are obviously a pretty good investment once you reach the end. It’s also a good investment on the way there, too:

Ashes to Ashes Short Path vs. Long Path (First 9 Points)

Echo of the Highlord vs. Long Path (First 11 Points)

Divine Tempest vs. Long Path (First 17 Points)

So the long path to Ashes to Ashes is both the best overall investment, and it’s never a worthwhile investment of artifact power to divert and pick up any of the other gold dragon traits on the way. From there, the rest of the path is already figured out:

Echo of the Highlord is a better point-for-point investment (and is more versatile) than Divine Tempest, so you should choose it first.

The four points you spend to pick up Divine Tempest provide the same point-for-point gain as Righteous Blade and provides extra utility, so we go there next.

The rest of the traits leading up to Ashbringer’s Light don’t affect DPS in any meaningful way and can be chosen in any order.

Empowered Artifact Traits

Once you reach Ashbringer’s Light and unlock the Broken Shore daily quest hub, you gain a new set of empowered artifact traits. This is the best order to buy them in.

Ashbringer Artifact Progression - Empowered Artifact Traits

  1. Ferocity of the Silver Hand
  2. Righteous Verdict
  3. Blessing of the Ashbringer
  4. Judge Unworthy
  5. Wrath of the Ashbringer
  6. Deliver the Justice
  7. Might of the Templar and Righteous Blade (in any order)
  8. Sharpened Edge and Highlord’s Judgment (in any order)
  9. Deflection
  10. Protector of the Ashen Blade and Embrace the Light (in any order)
  11. Concordance of the Legionfall

Empowered Artifact Trait Simulations

This is a whole lot easier to simulate because there’s only two main paths to take: purchase all the traits through Blessing of the Ashbringer and Judge Unworthy, or purchase Ferocity of the Silver Hand and then fill out the fourth point of the old traits in order from highest to lowest DPS. (We’ll cover how we figure out which of those traits to pick in the next section on Artifact Relics.)

Judge Unworthy Path vs. Old Traits First

The new traits are the clear winner.

Artifact Relic Rankings

This is list of all relevant relics, ranked from best to worst DPS. Relics not listed here are worth their listed item level.

Item Level Equivalent

Relic Trait


21 Wrath of the Ashbringer 1.8%
19 Righteous Blade
(2 or more targets only)
15 Righteous Verdict 1.4%
14 Deliver the Justice 1.4%
8 Might of the Templar
(single target only)
7 Sharpened Edge 0.6%
6 Highlord’s Judgment 0.4%

To use this chart to compare two relics, take the item level of your relics, and add the value listed in the “Item Level Equivalent” column. For example, say you have an ilevel 925 Blessing of the White Lady, and an ilevel 930 Boon of the Prophet. You’ll add 14 item levels to the Blessing (939) and 7 item levels to the Boon (937). The Deliver the Justice relic ends up being a slightly better choice overall, despite being a lower item level.

Righteous Blade and Might of the Templar relics are generally not amazing choices, even though they do really well in the simulator. Because they only affect one of your two Holy Power spenders, their DPS value is zero if you are using your other finisher. Since you can’t freely swap relics, we recommend choosing more universally applicable relics if any are available.

Deflection relics technically have a non-zero DPS value, but aren’t included on the chart. Even assuming the best possible conditions (using Shield of Vengeance on cooldown, always getting full damage from the explosion, and simulating a favorable fight length), they rank well below even the worst relics charted above. We recommend treating it as a non-DPS relic, and using Shield of Vengeance defensively.

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Simulationcraft Version: SimulationCraft 725-02 (git build 758e026)
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